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SwimSport: Keep Your Bathing Suit Dry

While swimming is almost always a blast (save for when your boat capsizes), having a soaking wet swimsuit riding up your crack has never been a pleasure. A new company from Brooklyn called Sun Dry Swim is looking to change ass cracks around the world with a new nanotechnology that repels water from the swimsuit. The result is a self-drying ...

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NanoNuno Nanotechnology Umbrella stays dry like a lotus leaf

The product name leads us to believe that the creators of this NanoNuno Umbrella come from the same planet as Robin Williams from Mork and Mindy, yet signs show that the Nanotechnology Umbrella were indeed made on Earth. It’s modeled after the lotus leaf and is said to maintain its dryness and cleanliness for years. How does the NanoNuno accomplish ...

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nDoo or not nDoo? That is the concept: Nanotechnology in 2047

Designer Patrick Gunther takes a mix of fantasy and possible futuristic medicine and has designed some prototypes for what he envisions nanotechnology to look like in the future. Gunther thinks that in only forth years time, we might have nanotechnology capable of swimming through our bloodstream, acting as a man-made immune system. AIDS and other immunity deficient diseases would become ...

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