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4 Broad Technological Inventions That Dramatically Altered our Lifestyle

In today’s world, we constantly experience new inventions whether it is a smart phone, computer or even something simple as duct tape. Most of us are familiar with the endless introduction of various gadgets and are even proud owners of some of them. Each time a device comes along, we are amused by it because the impact it has on ...

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Sugru is Flubber for hacking things better

Perhaps the most usefuland certainly the most whimsicalpick on Times list of the 50 Best Inventions of 2010, Sugru is a moldable, self-adhesive, self-curing silicone elastomer. That doesnt sound whimsical? Then you havent watched the video yet.

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The Original Prototypes of Iconic Gadgets

Every piece of gadgetry we own or have owned in the past started somewhere. There is always an alpha. Even such iconic pieces of gadgetry as the Super Soaker (pictured above) had messy and rough beginnings. Let’s take a step back in time to truly embrace our favorite gadget’s state of antithesis. The products before there was a product. Hit ...

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Arduino-based Etch-A-Sketch

Using the graphical programming language Processing and an Arduino microcontroller, Trevor Shannon built himself a software-based Etch-A-Sketch. The Arduino reads the input from two potentiometers and then through a serial connection, lines are produced on a computer screen. Over time, the lines disappear, just like a real Etch-A-Sketch. A simple, yet intuitive way of using the Arduino to build a ...

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Drawdio: Drawing Music

Once in awhile, I come across an invention that blows my mind in terms of creativity and functionality. Jay Silver’s Drawdio most certainly fits into that category. Drawdio is a pencil that has a simple synthesizer hooked up to the graphite. Based on the conductivity of graphite, drawing on paper will produce various different sounds creating a one-of-a-kind music experience. ...

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SawStop Creator Shoves Finger Into Blade

While I love power tools of all shapes and sizes, I don’t own many due to the lack of a workspace in my home. However, I did take enough shop classes in high school to know what a sharp metal blade can do to your finger. That’s why inventor Steve Gass created the SawStop, a mechanism that senses electrical conductivity ...

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