4 Broad Technological Inventions That Dramatically Altered our Lifestyle

technological inventions

In today’s world, we constantly experience new inventions whether it is a smart phone, computer or even something simple as duct tape. Most of us are familiar with the endless introduction of various gadgets and are even proud owners of some of them. Each time a device comes along, we are amused by it because the impact it has on our lives certainly keeps us on our feet. The modern generation is able to be more organized and up to date with the latest trends, all thanks to these genius ideas. Here are a few of the technological inventions that significantly changed the course of how we live our lives.


This is without a doubt right up there among the other greatest inventions of all time. You most likely won’t even be reading this if it wasn’t for this exceptional development. From the large mainframes the size of a room, computers have since evolved to laptops and tablets. Along with this came the internet. Saying that it made our lives easier is an understatement. Whether it is doing your research on a topic of interest or grocery shopping online, the options are endless.


Global Positioning System, commonly known as GPS is a blessing for those whose spatial skills are not quite up to par; after all, with all the modern technology it’s a bit hard to be concentrating on the route, when you can be listening to music or taking a nap. Having said that, this little device makes our job of going places so much easier. The best part is that you don’t have to be staring into a map that covers half the windscreen and take hours to find your destination because of all the wrong turns. We sort of owe it to the U.S military, because if it wasn’t for them trying to get their locations in tact back in the 1970’s, we would still be getting lost on almost every road trip.


This creation has quite an interesting story. An engineer found that a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted due to the source of radio waves in which he was working around; as a result, 2 years later the brilliant idea of the microwave was invented. If you’re someone whose cooking is not MasterChef worthy or if your schedule is too tight, this device is undoubtedly the most convenient. It’s not just useful in those situations, but it also saves time on having to turn on the cooker each time you want to heat up something.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about your food getting burnt. Unlike the stove, this can be timed according to your preference to make things easier. I think we can all agree that microwavable popcorn has made our movie nights a bit more exciting.

Digital Camera

It’s amazing when you think about how many beautiful moments and locations in the world we would have missed out on, if it wasn’t for digital cameras. Of course more high-tech versions have been developed from the time this device was introduced, but it certainly paved the way to make our treasured memories last a life time.

Whether it is the luxury of getting by our troublesome days or having the ability to see the world through another person’s eyes, we ought to appreciate the chance at being able to experience all these remarkable gadgets. It has certainly made a major impact on our lives and for that, I think it’s reasonable to say that we can look forward to what’s next with a sense of uncertainty and excitement.

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