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4 Broad Technological Inventions That Dramatically Altered our Lifestyle

In today’s world, we constantly experience new inventions whether it is a smart phone, computer or even something simple as duct tape. Most of us are familiar with the endless introduction of various gadgets and are even proud owners of some of them. Each time a device comes along, we are amused by it because the impact it has on ...

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Multimedia Microwave Displays YouTube Videos As You Wait

Most of the activity in my kitchen eventually leads to the microwave. I use my oven almost solely for making grilled cheese sandwiches. All the other hot prepared food gets a first-glass ticket for the center of my microwave’s revolving plate. I’m always sort of torn on what to do as I wait for my food to be done though. ...

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49 Microwaves Play “Jingle Bells”

Here’s video of a crew of people setting up 49 microwave ovens to play the classic Christmas tune, “Jingle Bells.” It’s not 100% fluid, but nonetheless an impressive feat. I wonder how much planning it took to figure out how to sync them all up… Link

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Microwave home-made potato chips!

  We hardly ever make potato chips at home, the furthest we can go is probably french-fries. It’s such a hassle to make them (fries come in frozen packs, but hardly do we ever see chips), it’s fattening and you’ll have to do the oily dish washing.  Japanese company Akebono has developed this Microwave Potato Chips Kit that gives you ...

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