Apple Lets Devs In On Push Notification

At long last, Apple has finally equipped some of its developers with the tools needed to begin authoring iPhone background applications. This will eventually remedy problems with the iPhone regarding running applications in the background. The same thing could happen to a drug dealer trying to convert ounces to grams. He/She suddenly gets a phone call then, BAM, all that hard work leaves business dry and sales at a stand still. Apple is fixing this by adding the “Push Notification Service” they mentioned at the WWDC.

AppleInsider writes:

Instead of allowing potentially dozens of third party services to simultaneously access an iPhone directly, the push service would funnel all transmissions from developers’ servers through a central Apple server, which would then relay the data to iPhones through a single persistent and well-managed background connection.

This is the best news on the iPhone we’ve heard all week. Wait a minute, this is the only news on the iPhone we’ve wrote all week. That’s not like us at all. It’s because Vince got that new Sierra Nevada Sidekick, which pretty much renders any other phone pale in comparison.


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