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First iPhone Push Applications Take Root

Back when the iPhone 3.0 OS was first announced, one of the biggest features was that applications would feature push notification. Since the iPhone lacks multitasking, this would allow a program to act like your email and push updates/IMs/messages to your phone without it actually being active. Last night, AOL released the OS 3.0 version of AIM and we’re all ...

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Snowl: Mozilla’s Take On Messaging In Your Browser

Is there anything Mozilla doesn’t create that facilitates your web surfing experience? Firefox 3 came out back in June, yet Mozilla is still working hard to provide its users with top end interactivity for its interweb softwares. Now, Mozilla wants to take its browser to the next level with instant messaging integrated into your web browsing. It’s called Snowl, that’s ...

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Apple Lets Devs In On Push Notification

At long last, Apple has finally equipped some of its developers with the tools needed to begin authoring iPhone background applications. This will eventually remedy problems with the iPhone regarding running applications in the background. The same thing could happen to a drug dealer trying to convert ounces to grams. He/She suddenly gets a phone call then, BAM, all that ...

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App Store For iPhone 3G A Smash Hit

Apple originally expected around 200 applications to launch with the iPhone 3G on Friday. Now that number has blown up to over 500 apps and developers are still working. According to Apple, response from developers has been tremendous and by the looks of some of the available apps (some of which are already available on iTunes), customer response should be ...

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D-Wade Sidekick 3 release announcement

T-Mobile has posted some previously unknown information about its D-Wade Sidekick release announcement, confirmed to be coming within the next few hours. If you don’t already know, heres some background information on the D-Wade. It’s designed 2006 NBA Finals MVP, Dwayne Wade, as a special edition and new model of the Sidekick line of phones. Wade happens to be avid ...

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New pink Meebo, getting girls to use something other than AIM

That infamous color pink… it makes guys make sure that they choose a very different color scheme, but it always seems to draw the female crowd in. The leading Web 2.0 instant messaging client Meebo has just added a pink theme to its increasingly popular application. Meebo allows users to make their own Meebo account and tie in each of ...

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