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Pacemaker Prevention

Remember that fishy business about the potential for hackers to prematurely shut off a pacemaker via a wireless communicator? Since many people use pacemakers to keep their heart beating, scientists are taking this loophole extremely seriously and have raised a solution to the issue. Proposed is a cloaking device, an external attachment that the pacemaker owner would wear, resembling a ...

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Apple Lets Devs In On Push Notification

At long last, Apple has finally equipped some of its developers with the tools needed to begin authoring iPhone background applications. This will eventually remedy problems with the iPhone regarding running applications in the background. The same thing could happen to a drug dealer trying to convert ounces to grams. He/She suddenly gets a phone call then, BAM, all that ...

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Alkaline Hydrolysis: Tearin’ Up Bodies Quicker Than A Chainsaw

Step aside, boring old-fashioned burials. Move along, air-polluting cremation. A new way of disposing (not preserving) the dead has been proposed for human beings. Previously reserved for animals, it’s called Alkaline Hydrolysis and it involves the dissolution of bodies in a highly concentrated compound. Then, the body is essentially pressure cooked until all that remains is a coffee-colored liquid. Delicious! ...

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