Alkaline Hydrolysis: Tearin’ Up Bodies Quicker Than A Chainsaw


Step aside, boring old-fashioned burials. Move along, air-polluting cremation. A new way of disposing (not preserving) the dead has been proposed for human beings. Previously reserved for animals, it’s called Alkaline Hydrolysis and it involves the dissolution of bodies in a highly concentrated compound. Then, the body is essentially pressure cooked until all that remains is a coffee-colored liquid. Delicious!

Though the tank used in the process resembles a MyHab, Alkaline Hydrolysis still has its advantages. With the cost of land and burials these days and the toxic emissions resulting from cremation, the Alkaline Hydrolysis is a solution to age-old approaches of disposing the dead. Just remember that when all else fails, a dumpster behind a Taco Bell works like a charm!

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