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Red Ring of Bullshit

Oh, Microsoft. You love to just fuck things up royally, don’t you? You almost have a certain knack for it it seems. This time around, Microsoft is now declaring that it will no longer pay for shipping on broken Xbox 360 units. Says Consumerist reader Zach: “My Xbox red-ringed for the second time this weekend. Which is almost a relief ...

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Steve Jobs Has Hormonal Problems

Steve Jobs is a lot like a teenage girl. He is all about the outfits, obsesses about his foes and is dealing with hormone issues. Wait, what? That’s right. The Wall Street Journal posted this excerpt of a statement from Steve Jobs: my doctors think they have found the cause a hormone imbalance that has been robbing me of ...

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Gmail Unveils Mail Goggles

I had to check and make sure the calendar wasn’t nearing April 1st when I first read about Google’s Mail Goggles. It seems like such a silly idea that I figured someone was just messing with me. I seem to be wrong, though. Mail Goggles is a new feature designed to keep you from sending emails in a drunken state ...

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Apple Lets Devs In On Push Notification

At long last, Apple has finally equipped some of its developers with the tools needed to begin authoring iPhone background applications. This will eventually remedy problems with the iPhone regarding running applications in the background. The same thing could happen to a drug dealer trying to convert ounces to grams. He/She suddenly gets a phone call then, BAM, all that ...

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