Red Ring of Bullshit


Oh, Microsoft. You love to just fuck things up royally, don’t you? You almost have a certain knack for it it seems. This time around, Microsoft is now declaring that it will no longer pay for shipping on broken Xbox 360 units. Says Consumerist reader Zach:

“My Xbox red-ringed for the second time this weekend. Which is almost a relief after hearing how bad my disc drive was sounding, but not so much after hearing the new policy. I was told that Xbox no longer ships out a box to you and you must find a box to ship it out in. Yeah I guess its not a big deal, but I think it gives them another thing to hold over your head; “We are sorry, Sir, but you didn’t back it well enough and it appears the damage was due to shipping, we cannot help you.”

See? Fucking the customer squarely in the ass once again. Get a goddamned clue, will you already, Microsoft? I’m so sick of writing about how you constantly subject the public to pain and terrible excuses. It’ll come back to haunt you fuckers one day, I’m sure of it.


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  1. Hmm. I think I should point microsoft over to the free section on craigslist. So many people moving there a million listings for free moving boxes.

    Just a thought.

  2. RIGHT ON! its sad they toy with us…i play my xbox about 4 times a week, and over the course of 2 1/2 years i have had it stop reading the discs or red ring on me FIVE TIMES.

    also it seems odd they made a ‘red ring’ design to tell custumers there was an issue with their product, maybe it seems they KNEW previously to the release of the xbox 360 unit, that there was going to be major malfunctions

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