Red Ring O’ Lantern

There are few things scarier than a politician on Halloween, except for the red ring of death. Alan Penner of Goleta, California carved a ton of tech-inspired pumpkins for his front porch. A Ubuntu pumpkin and various emoticon carvings decorate his lawn, with the red ring of death being the most frightening of all.

With all the new games coming out this holiday season for the Xbox 360, the last thing any Xbox owner needs is a red ring of death. So, let’s keep the red rings on the pumpkins and off of the 360s.

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  1. i just opened mine up after it graced me with the red ring and replaced the thermal paste. it cost me all of $4 and 45 minutes of priceless playing time. with a working console then in hand i traded it in for the laptop on which i now type. it seems i am just a user. macro$oft wins either way.

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