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Pumpkin Art Gone Fatty: Cheeseburger Pumpkin

Tis the season to rip a gourd from the garden and whip out the ole carving knife. Try to stretch your mouth around this pumpkin carving. My favorite part has to be the pumpkin seeds replacing the sesame seeds. While this might not be a “traditional” pumpkin carving, I think the finished result is even cooler, and certainly more appetizing, ...

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If I Only Had A Brain

Have an extra melon around the house? Excellent. While I would suggest cutting that sucker up and digging in, MAKE and Instructables want you to turn it into a brain. A great little DIY project for Halloween, provided you don’t go around eating melon brains like a zombie. Manners first! Link [via]

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Red Ring O’ Lantern

There are few things scarier than a politician on Halloween, except for the red ring of death. Alan Penner of Goleta, California carved a ton of tech-inspired pumpkins for his front porch. A Ubuntu pumpkin and various emoticon carvings decorate his lawn, with the red ring of death being the most frightening of all. With all the new games coming ...

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Optimus Prime Meets Aliens Cargo Mech

Mike Rea is good with wood and he wants to show you he’s the master by crafting giant suits straight out of the Mechwarrior games. Shaped like Optimus Prime and labeled “Suit for Steven Hawking,” this giant wooden mech is one of many of his works you can find at his website. He has even made a replica Arc of ...

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