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Red Ring of Bullshit

Oh, Microsoft. You love to just fuck things up royally, don’t you? You almost have a certain knack for it it seems. This time around, Microsoft is now declaring that it will no longer pay for shipping on broken Xbox 360 units. Says Consumerist reader Zach: “My Xbox red-ringed for the second time this weekend. Which is almost a relief ...

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The Roundabout Kensington Surge Protector

Whether you’re hosting a LAN party or you just have an ass load of video game consoles to power, there is one peripheral that is more important than all the rest: the surge protector. With the circular design of the SmartSockets Table Top, you’ll not only be safeguarding yours (and your LAN buddies’) electrical equipment with 1500 joules of protection, ...

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Microsoft listens to customers with 360 extended warranty

More and more companies are wising up to the fact that customer service is what makes or breaks customer loyalty. Microsoft is following suit of Apple and other subsequent companies and extending the warranties on the Xbox 360 from 90 days to an entire year! Jeff Bell, a VP of marketing at Microsoft said, “Customer satisfaction is a central focus ...

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