WWDC 2008 Keynote Roundup

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference was a blast of Apple goodness with some long-awaited announcements. For over a decade, Apple has been showcasing new software and technologies for developers at WWDC. This was the first year that the WWDC has sold out, making it the largest one to date. Tons of iPhone/OS X/MobileMe news was unleashed by Steve Jobs himself and like years past, this year’s WWDC had spectators jumping out of their seats in hysteria.

  • New OS X confirmed – 10.6 aka “Snow Leopard”
  • Software development kits for iPhone 3G
  • Games for the iPhone 3G: Sega and Pangea Software
  • “Auctions” an app which makes your iPhone work with eBay
  • “Loopt” a stalker-friendly location-aware social network application
  • “Typepad” a blogging app-Word Press for your iPhone
  • AP application aka The Mobile News Network gathers news information, storing it for a late offline read.
  • Band is an indy-developed Garage Band-like app that allows you to play instruments using the iPhone.
  • Live GPS tracking on the iPhone.
  • MobileMe. Sync contacts and information over the air. Works with iPhone, Mac and PC. Replacement for .Mac service.
  • The biggest announcement was the new iPhone 3G priced at $199 with 8GB of storage and the 16GB model going for $299. All you suckers who couldn’t wait to be the first ones to get an iPhone have to be kicking yourselves right now.

    (Image courtesy of WookieeByte on Flickr)

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