The Aftermath: First-Generation iPhone Prices

Now that WWDC is over and a $199 8GB iPhone 3G has been announced for July 11th, are people ready to sell their first-generation iPhones on the cheap? Not yet it seems. We scoped out popular sites like eBay, Craigslist (NYC) and Google Shopping to see if anyone was ready to let their iPhone go for under $200.

Naturally, we don’t expect an exodus of old phones until after July 11th, but here’s what we found so far:

  • 8GB iPhone Unlocked & Jailbroken No Reserve!!! – $299.99 (eBay)
  • 8GB iPhone – Unlocked – Firmware 2.0 Beta Installed! – $200 (Craigslist)
  • Iphone 8gb UNLOCKED & JAIL-BROKEN – $425 (Craigslist)
  • Apple iPhone (8GB) iPhone – $199.99 (Google Shopping)
  • Apple iPhone (8GB) iPhone 100% Unlocked – $549.95 (Google Shopping)
  • Sorry guys. Looks like the best deal out there is around $200. Might as well keep waiting.

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    1. I’m betting that’ll happen once the new ones are, you know, actually available. Who would sell their iphone and have to wait a month?(Answer: anyone who thinks they have a shot at selling for more than $200. Reality: no one with a pulse will buy an old one for over $200 now.)This basically kills the value of the old one to something like $100. Sucks for those who most recently procured an iphone, I s’pose.

    2. Definitely sucks for early adopters. I’m wondering if the 3G will work on T-Mobile’s recently rolled out network.

    3. Told ya iPhone was overpriced!

    4. There is a buy-back plan for those who purchased iphones (which i now call Iphooeys) within the last 6 weeks: they will be able to trade-in their iphooey for a 3g minus restocking cost (why would they even bother restocking the iphooey?)

      now, i’m torn: i was planning on selling my Iphooey because i’m going to graduate school and need to economize my budget which means cutting out the $70/mo At&t bill. however, there’s a cancellation charge of $150(?) which means I get no return on my $400 investment. So, I reckon I’ll just keep the sucker.

    5. my phone went from 415.00 after taxes to 100 or 125, the most, just like that, the only people loosing money heres is us, old iphone costumer..

    6. I think there are two sides to this… sure AT&T customers looking to upgrade to 3G can sell their current iphone for cheap (199-299) and maybe even make a small profit while they’re at it. But as we are finding out, if all is true, Apple and AT&T will be cracking down HARD on iPhone 3G unlocking. So for those people who don’t like AT&T and/or don’t want to be locked in a ~70-90 a month 3G plan… the first-generation iPhone will be the only TRUE “unlocked” iPhone. Prices will soar. Just check eBay or you local Craigslist and see how many “WTB iphone” posts there are. Don’t count the 1st gen out yet… especially when firmware 2.0 can be had for all. The introduction of 3G, while cool and all, still left A LOT to be desired… will waiting a few seconds on EDGE hurt that much and do you really need GPS tracking?

    7. At least you guys didn’t get a 4GB. That thing is going to be like $45 on eBay come late July.

    8. I disagree with you guys. The new Iphone has unbeleivable security features. Thus, no jailbroken and unlocked phones. I think this is gonna drive up the pricing for the 1st gen phones. Many people will sacrifice the faster internet speed for freedom to download whatever programs/apps they feel fit. I know the 3G iphone will have an “app store”, however I don’t believe it will come close to what the 1st gen has out there now. At bare minimum, the first gen Iphone will be $300 after July 11th.

    9. I have tmobile and cant get out of a contract to sign up for at&t and im desperate for an iphone. im buying a first generation unlocked one for about 320. its ridiculous to think im paying more for the old one. but what can you do when you dont have at&t.

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