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The Final Verdict: Walmart iPhone 3G

We’ve been covering the constant rumor mill known as the Walmart iPhone 3G. At one point, people were speculating that Walmart would offer a 4GB iPhone 3G at $99. Ha! Those rumors came and went and are now nothing but a memory. Walmart has released an advertisement that shows the 8GB iPhone 3G at $197. That’s a whopping $2 in ...

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The Camera You Can Roll Under Any Skirt

This might look like a miniature Death Star but, in actuality, it’s a top secret spy cam. The DVR CamBall is the first ever digital video camera and MP3 player that’s as small as a ping-pong ball and able to record at 320�240 or 640�480 resolutions. What better way to sneak a camera into top-secret facilities than to roll it ...

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The Aftermath: First-Generation iPhone Prices

Now that WWDC is over and a $199 8GB iPhone 3G has been announced for July 11th, are people ready to sell their first-generation iPhones on the cheap? Not yet it seems. We scoped out popular sites like eBay, Craigslist (NYC) and Google Shopping to see if anyone was ready to let their iPhone go for under $200. Naturally, we ...

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