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Apple Lets Devs In On Push Notification

At long last, Apple has finally equipped some of its developers with the tools needed to begin authoring iPhone background applications. This will eventually remedy problems with the iPhone regarding running applications in the background. The same thing could happen to a drug dealer trying to convert ounces to grams. He/She suddenly gets a phone call then, BAM, all that ...

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Nanofactory for custom medical needs with no side effects

Picture this. You come down with a horrible case of some horrible diarrhea inducing disease. Now imagine being able to take a pill that literally detects the illness, builds a custom remedy, and then delivers the drug to the necessary areas in need of healing. The University Of Maryland is working on a similar method in which magnetic nanofactories would ...

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Homi USB eye and back protection

Being slouched in front of a computer all day causes disastrous effects on our eyes, necks, and backs, yet we hardly notice, or try to remedy it. We’ve even gone as far as lying to ourselves. “Oh, my lower back just hurts from sleeping on it wrong.” The Homi USB is placed at the top of your monitor and alerts ...

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