Urban Security Suit: Battlefield Chic


What do Calvin Klein models wear on the battlefield? You think they’d be caught dead in the mandatory military wear? Ugh, as if! Camo is so last season. The Urban Security Suit, from Dutch designer Tim Smith, is a stylish upgrade to the classic camouflage look from yesteryear.

Complete with color coordinated gas mask, a stylish neoprene composition and lined with strategically placed body fit Kevlar, the Urban Security Suit is equal parts protection, ruggedness, and runway model. Sure, it’s not quite as inconspicuous as a full camouflage facade, but why hide when you look this good?


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  1. Nice photo’s, nice model ;), and a very nice design! I would love to have one!

  2. @anna The model’s look pretty feminine to these eyes. Maybe it’s just “jealousy”. That little Art Garfunkel afro thing going on is, of course, totally irresistible.

  3. that’s just sick , and by sick i mean awsome X) ! i hope i can get one soon enough o..o great design , really actual i’d say since we’re all going to wear one of those in roughly 5-10 years 😉

  4. Is it possible to purchase / buy it? Diffrent colors as, white,black?
    I would give alot for it !
    Please tell me.

    Thanks ~

  5. Seriously… are you selling these?

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