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Nostalgia: Capcom Pad Soldier

I’d like to share with you a bit of my childhood. After I bitched enough that SEGA Genesis wasn’t making the grade, my parents got me a Super Nintendo. A few years later, I would be in Babbages (remember those before GameStop bought ’em out?) and spotted this Capcom Pad for the SNES for a mere $14.99. I bought it. ...

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Urban Security Suit: Battlefield Chic

What do Calvin Klein models wear on the battlefield? You think they’d be caught dead in the mandatory military wear? Ugh, as if! Camo is so last season. The Urban Security Suit, from Dutch designer Tim Smith, is a stylish upgrade to the classic camouflage look from yesteryear. Complete with color coordinated gas mask, a stylish neoprene composition and lined ...

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HCID Gloves to give soldiers hands on control

One thing that has always limited the soldiers of the military is that they always have to be attached to their weapon. There is never really any true and full concentration on other matters when your toting around an automatic weapon. Handwear Computer Input Devices (HCIDs) might be the future of militiary strategy and safety means. The HCID will let ...

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