HCID Gloves to give soldiers hands on control

hcid combat glove

One thing that has always limited the soldiers of the military is that they always have to be attached to their weapon. There is never really any true and full concentration on other matters when your toting around an automatic weapon.

Handwear Computer Input Devices (HCIDs) might be the future of militiary strategy and safety means. The HCID will let the soldier control different types of hardware, including triggering weapons, heads-up displays, and small unmanned vehicles, with movements of the hand that will be picked up through special sensors. No longer needing to be glued to their gun. Project managing group, RallyPoint, says that the glove is still in it’s development stage and not ready for battle testing.

The ability for soldiers to be able to have open hands while still being able to operate the needed hardware seems to be a real time saver. If only we could manage our hardware without our hands. And by hardware, we mean our manly hardware. Ehmm. Ahhem. — Andrew Dobrow

RallyPoint HCID Combat Glove [via Technovelgy]

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