Hummer HT1 Phone is (luckily) not Hummer sized, but already past its prime


Porsche just announced their cellphone, and we guess Hummer felt left out? In totally gaudy move, Hummer has decided that the world was lacking a phone with a camouflage theme. The GSM slider doesn’t really come with special features either, other than a Hummer logo if you consider that cool.

The Hummer phone rocks a 2.2 inch touchscreen supporting 262k colors, a 2 Megapixel camera, 25 MB of onboard memory, a FM Radio, Bluetooth A2DP and a Micro SD card slot. Not surprisingly, the Hummer phone is yet to have a manufacturer backing it, so it costs around $400 . Hummer is a year or two late with this. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Just got this phone and its fantastic! buttons are a little unresponsive at times and buttons 1,2,3 are a little difficult to press but i have big thumbs…
    Top quality phone, battery lasts great…. snatch one up if you can.

  2. difficult to get service settings though… ill figure something out :p

  3. hey dave did u end up working out the settings on ur phone mine still giving me grief.

  4. cant find place to get it serviced or maybe my battery is faulty but any help would be appreciated. cant even use my humm dinger phone

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