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Handmade Star Trek Starfleet Toddler Uniform

Insanely awesome Craftster user Rinnial handmade this insanely awesome Starfleet uniform (circa 2366-2372 class A uniform) for her toddler daughter to wear this Halloween. My kid would be wearing this all year round, whether they liked it or not. I’m the parent, I know best, now shut up and let the Tribble out for a walk before it shits all ...

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Urban Security Suit: Battlefield Chic

What do Calvin Klein models wear on the battlefield? You think they’d be caught dead in the mandatory military wear? Ugh, as if! Camo is so last season. The Urban Security Suit, from Dutch designer Tim Smith, is a stylish upgrade to the classic camouflage look from yesteryear. Complete with color coordinated gas mask, a stylish neoprene composition and lined ...

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Smart Clothing For Firemen Or Really Nerdy Male Strippers

Made by Viking, the new “Turnout Gear” is a combination of Thermal Sensor Technology (TST) and Smart Textiles, creating a smart uniform for firefighters to use in the heat of the moment. Turnout Gear visually communicates any critical hot spots on the suit that might put the fireman in danger of burns. A LED display on the upper left shoulder ...

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