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New Super Material is Stronger Than Kevlar and Stainless Steel

Bulletproof Kevlar and stainless steel. What do they have in common? They share an extreme strength and hardness, unparalleled by many other substances. In fact, up until this point, bulletproof Kevlar was the hardest organic material ever discovered. Though Israeli researchers have forced Kevlar to take a back seat to a new material which is not only harder than Kevlar, ...

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Wave Sport Project 54 CX Kayak

This 20 pound kayak is supposed to be the ultimate in watersports. It’s made of strong, lightweight Kevlar (the stuff they use in bulletproof vests) and carbon fiberglass. As you paddle, you’ll use little to no effort to propel yourself forward thanks to the 54 CX’s radical design. It comes with a radical price as well: $2500. Link

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Bulletproof Handkerchief Is As Classy As Body Armor Gets

Dueling is a favorite pass time of mine but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s why I wear one of these bulletproof handkerchiefs everywhere I go. Some mother fucker slaps me and challenges me to a duel, you bet your ass we’re meeting before sun down at the town square. Little does my opponent ...

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Urban Security Suit: Battlefield Chic

What do Calvin Klein models wear on the battlefield? You think they’d be caught dead in the mandatory military wear? Ugh, as if! Camo is so last season. The Urban Security Suit, from Dutch designer Tim Smith, is a stylish upgrade to the classic camouflage look from yesteryear. Complete with color coordinated gas mask, a stylish neoprene composition and lined ...

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