Ultimate DIY: Guy Builds Audi R8 Replica

Building a car from a kit is nothing new. Open any modern auto magazine and you’ll find plenty of that crap in the classifieds. But when one man goes above and beyond to turn a 2001 Mercury Cougar into a fully-functional, stylish Audi R8, well, that’s magic.

While there’s just some things that can’t be copied, overall this car looks just like a damn R8. Since the actual Audi R8 is a $100,000+ car, most people won’t have one and thus won’t be able to tell the difference between this Cougar and the real thing. There’s no Audi power behind it but hey, it’ll still get you laid. Creator Alberto Gavach from Spain is no dummy. He claims he spent about $50,000 building it. Not too shabby. After the jump, a photo with the real R8 next to the fake one.

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  1. Man he did a great job. To bad there isnt a close up video on it.

  2. Very close, but who’ll have the chance to compare in real-life? Very few. Good work on this rep.

  3. Amazing job.

    As for the specs, is it just the kit on a Mercury Cougar? He did absolutely nothing under the hood? Man, it’s gonna suck if he tries racing a car at the light with more then 250HP.

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