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Ultimate DIY: Guy Builds Audi R8 Replica

Building a car from a kit is nothing new. Open any modern auto magazine and you’ll find plenty of that crap in the classifieds. But when one man goes above and beyond to turn a 2001 Mercury Cougar into a fully-functional, stylish Audi R8, well, that’s magic. While there’s just some things that can’t be copied, overall this car looks ...

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Bloody Bookmarks

I wonder what my grandmother would think of me if I got her these creative $29 bookmarks for her birthday. The set of three comes with bookmarks that resemble milk, blood and mercury. While the milk is cute, I’m sure the blood would earn me a disapproving glare from her reading chair. Link [via]

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You Spilled Art On Your Table

Here’s something else, furniture called Ripple Series that imitates rippling mercury just like the Vertibral seating imitates spinal structure. It’s from designer Lee J. Rowland who happens to also be an aerospace engineer. And it shows with this out of this world furniture design that uses a three-dimensional machining process along with sheet metal to make these one of a ...

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DIY Wiretapping: For The Paranoid

ITsecurity.com has posted a comprehensive guide on do-it-yourself wiretapping as well as wiretapping defense. Offering a slew of choices to approach your attempt to spy on your gorgeous blond-haired neighbor including: how to install bugs, track someone’s whereabouts with their cell phone (if it’s registered with a U.K. phone company), in addition to how-to FM wiretap. And if it boils ...

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