This Week, Catch a Rare Glimpse of Mercury in the Night Sky

Starting 6/30 (Thursday) you can actually see the planet Mercury with the naked eye. This coming week is the best time to check out the elusive Mercury, since most nights it’s extremely difficult to see.

Spotting Mercury will take a bit of looking, however. The best way to catch a glimpse of the planet is to spot the two stars nearby, Castor and Pollux. Mercury should appear on the horizon right after sunset, since it’s just completed it’s “morning sky” orbit. If you’re having trouble, try using a telescope or binoculars to scan the west-northwestern horizon. Mercury will appear to be a bright “star” that has a slightly yellowish-orange tint.

Though this Thursday will be the best time to see Mercury, you’ll be able to check out our neighboring planet until around July 13th, when it’ll become too dim to see with the naked eye.


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