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Amazon Kindle 2 Has Hidden SIM Card Slot

We haven’t been talking about the Amazon Kindle 2 a lot. Know why? Because everyone and their mother has been talking about it. Jeff Bezos was even on The Colbert Report shilling his new eBook reader. Interestingly, though, when the boys at iFixIt cracked open a brand new Kindle 2, they found a surprise waiting inside. See that circled area ...

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MD5 Algorithm Hacked By Playstation 3 Cluster

No joke. The MD5 algorithm, which is used widespread around the web for encryption, has been broken. A group of researchers used a cluster of PS3s to create a forged certificate authority, essentially enabling them to break into SSL-encrypted sites. HTTPS? Gone. There is no security. Sure, most of us don’t have 200 Playstation 3s sitting at home but if ...

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Now This Is How You Thwart Piracy

Cracking software and generating serial numbers is nothing new. But what happens when a developer catches on and decides to play fun with you? Such is the case with USB Overdrive X. Enter a stolen or pirated serial number and this message will be displayed by the developer. An excellent point is made here: the little guy is getting hurt. ...

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iPhone 3G Unlocked By Dev-Team

The original gangsters of unlocking, the iPhone Dev-Team, has finally jailbroken the iPhone 3G through software. Right now, they’re packaging it up for use as a user-friendly application similar to that of Pwnage. Plus, with the recent announcement of the iPhone 3G gift card, people will be able to activate their iPhone 3Gs from home and thus, will be able ...

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Ultimate DIY: Guy Builds Audi R8 Replica

Building a car from a kit is nothing new. Open any modern auto magazine and you’ll find plenty of that crap in the classifieds. But when one man goes above and beyond to turn a 2001 Mercury Cougar into a fully-functional, stylish Audi R8, well, that’s magic. While there’s just some things that can’t be copied, overall this car looks ...

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Barack Obama Becomes Owned-bama

Barack Obama is all about spreading the word of hope. His counterparts would like you to think otherwise, as can be seen by a recent hacking of Obama’s very own Hope.net. The hacker smeared the site with red lettering which says “Spread the word! Barack Obama has no security on his web site! Will his administration have no security?”, later ...

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