Are Ultra Niche Auto Manufacturers The Answer?

PSFK has a great write up on a niche auto manufacturer called Carbon Motors. The company’s aim is to produce one car and one car only: a cop car. Gone is the infamous 5.0 engine and Crown Vic styling. In comes the first vehicle specifically designed for law enforcement, by law enforcement. Dubbed the E7, its 3.0 liter Diesel engine can be powered on bio-fuels or low-sulfur Diesel, allowing agencies to save money in transportation so that money can be used elsewhere in the department.

Inside the car, there’s all kinds of tech for a police officer. A HUD displays information while an automatic license plate scanner picks up parking violations with ease. The bumpers on the outside act as pushbars and the vehicle is rated to last at least 250,000 miles. Currently, Carbon Motors is touring the E7 to agencies around the world. Let’s hope you don’t see one in your rear view mirror next year.


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