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The New Experience Has Arrived

If you turned on your 360 yesterday, you probably were flabbergasted at the new interface that’s been getting some mixed reviews. Whether or not you like the new dashboard interface matters not, the new experience is here to stay. Don’t forget to fashion your new Mii-like avatar to look like your least favorite dictator. Mine is a spitting image of ...

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Are Ultra Niche Auto Manufacturers The Answer?

PSFK has a great write up on a niche auto manufacturer called Carbon Motors. The company’s aim is to produce one car and one car only: a cop car. Gone is the infamous 5.0 engine and Crown Vic styling. In comes the first vehicle specifically designed for law enforcement, by law enforcement. Dubbed the E7, its 3.0 liter Diesel engine ...

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NavJacket: The GPS Winter Coat

Here’s a back-to-school jacket worth getting excited about. The NavJacket from O’Neill is due out this winter and will feature more technology than you can shake a stick at. Designed for people who like to snowboard, ski or just hit the trails, the NavJacket features Gore-Tex material and integrated GPS that allows you to navigate a hillside. The left arm ...

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Trying Out The New Xbox 360 Experience

I hope you’ve been preparing for the new Xbox experience because it’s going to change the way you play your 360. No doubt you’ve heard that Microsoft has completely revamped the dashboard, bringing with it a new design and avatars that give core players the casual feel of the Wii. Is this a good thing? It sure is according to ...

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