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Audi’s Progressive People Campaign [Sponsored Video]

Audi – the German automobile giant might as well be included in a dictionary definition of the word “progressive”. From surpassing their own standards with the introduction of 100% galvanised bodyshells, their LED signature daytime running lights to the new multimedia interface, the company has made immense progress and is now looking for people who have done the same with ...

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Audi Robots Light Up London With Your Messages

Audi has taken over London’s Trafalgar Square for the next week, transforming it into “an interactive message center” called Outrace. Eight giant, industrial robots from Audi’s production line will have LED lights attached to their arms. The robots will use the LEDs to scrawl messages in the air, much to the pleasure of the onlookers. But there is so much ...

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Ultimate DIY: Guy Builds Audi R8 Replica

Building a car from a kit is nothing new. Open any modern auto magazine and you’ll find plenty of that crap in the classifieds. But when one man goes above and beyond to turn a 2001 Mercury Cougar into a fully-functional, stylish Audi R8, well, that’s magic. While there’s just some things that can’t be copied, overall this car looks ...

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Audi Developing Traffic Light Detection System

Love to drive fast? Break the law? Good! Audi is aiming to get you into one of its cars in the next few years with a feature that should keep you seated. The Travolution system will communicate with traffic lights to let the driver know what the current state of the light is and when it’s changing colors. While most ...

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2009 Audi RS6

Audi is known for making some quick fucking cars. Between the R8, RS4 and S4 Cabriolet, the German auto manufacturer is looking to up the ante with it’s 2009 RS6. Giving the RS4 treatment to the A6, the RS6 will feature a powerful 580 hp V10 engine that’s funneled air from twin flamethrowers turbochargers. Zero to sixty will only take ...

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