Trigger Fireworks With Your Cellphone

While the 4th of July is a long ways off and the dead of winter is reaching for our feet, fireworks will always remain fun. A total blast, if you will (pardon the pun). The problem with fireworks, though, is that you can easily take your finger off when lighting them. Using this method, you can rig an old or disposable cellphone up to a fuse. Call the phone and the fuse will light, right out of Mission Impossible or something like that. I can only imagine the uses one could come up with being able to remotely launch fireworks…


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  1. No, I don’t see this being misused at all!
    “He wasn’t very phone savvy.”
    “Whatcha mean, Gibbs? He wired all these phones to the same number.”
    “He should’ve used speed dial.”

  2. This wouldve been much better than me and my buddies hand sanitizer method. If he stepped on the cell phone nothing would happen. Not like when he tried to stomp out the flaming pile of jelly when i was sitting next to it, splashing little globs of flame on my face.

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