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DIY Toy Car Launcher

Dads. I’ve got some news for you. This weekend, instead of watching your TiVo’d NHL playoff games, you’re going to be making this toy car launcher for your kid. DotaDabbled’s Instructable provides precise details on how you can create one using some wood, plastic and other miscellaneous doo-dads (pardon the pun) lying around the house. Link [via]

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Trigger Fireworks With Your Cellphone

While the 4th of July is a long ways off and the dead of winter is reaching for our feet, fireworks will always remain fun. A total blast, if you will (pardon the pun). The problem with fireworks, though, is that you can easily take your finger off when lighting them. Using this method, you can rig an old or ...

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DIY: Paper Airplane Launcher

Now, this is interesting. An electric paper plane launcher kit that you put together yourself. Too bad the entire point of crafting a paper airplane is to wing it at someones head. With this launcher, you not only miss out on choosing your targets, but you also waste precious time building it. Time that’s better spent putting together more paper ...

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PVC Pipe Water Bottle Launcher

Found on Science Toy Maker, this water bottle launcher was made by a school teacher looking for some good, clean fun. Apparently it’s quite easy to do and launches 2 liter soda bottles into the air with ease, drenching everyone around with water. Head over to STM for the full build instructions. Link [via]

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DIY: USB Missile Launcher

Pesky trespassers, beware! This USB missile launcher is outfitted with a radar that picks up enemy movement in its field of vision. The instructions to make one are provided with a circuit board layout and a free download of the C# code to run it. Just plug this missile launcher into your PC and you’ll be scanning for Charlies in ...

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