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Creating Art… With Explosions!

Art, subjective as it is, can be created in many forms. While today's artwork frequently utilizes graphic design programs or Photoshop to "touch up" images, this reminds us that there is still room for the good ol' fashioned method of creating art known as "blowing things up."

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Explosive Color!: Crayola Crayon Rockets Soar Into The Sky Blue Heavens

Here is a case where a blown-up object literally gets blown-up. These XXXXXXXL Crayola Crayons are doubling as rocket projectiles. Why? Well, for one, they ARE sort of rocket shaped, so it makes sense in that regard. Number two, it’s just a really bitchin’ idea. Who doesn’t like blowing crap up? Designed by John Coker, who may or may not ...

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Trigger Fireworks With Your Cellphone

While the 4th of July is a long ways off and the dead of winter is reaching for our feet, fireworks will always remain fun. A total blast, if you will (pardon the pun). The problem with fireworks, though, is that you can easily take your finger off when lighting them. Using this method, you can rig an old or ...

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