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Burj Dubai, World’s Tallest Building, Opens For Business

Standing at a looming 2,684 ft, eclipsing the old record holder, Taipei 101, by over 1,000 feet, the Burj Dubai, the newest tallest building in the world (for now), officially opened for business today to the tune of an extravagant fireworks presentation. Officially titled the Burj Khalifa, the 160-story record-setter became the center of a real estate explosion, one apartment ...

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Trigger Fireworks With Your Cellphone

While the 4th of July is a long ways off and the dead of winter is reaching for our feet, fireworks will always remain fun. A total blast, if you will (pardon the pun). The problem with fireworks, though, is that you can easily take your finger off when lighting them. Using this method, you can rig an old or ...

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Olympic Fireworks Digitally Altered

The Olympics are in full swing and even though those commie bastards from China cut our national anthem short during Phelps’ award ceremony, we still know the USA rules. Apparently, some of the people in China really do have small dicks, because according to a report from The Beijing Times, people watching the opening ceremony from home were treated to ...

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