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Apple Announces iPad 2

Steve Jobs announced at Apple's latest press event that the iPad 2 is real, is ready, and is coming to Apple Stores, Verizon and AT&T on March 11th.

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Apple puts letterpress in the cloud

In the excitement around the new MacBook Airs, another Apple product rollout has received less attention: the addition of a letterpress-printing option in iPhoto. But Apple's foray into craft printing should come as no surprise; Steve Jobs has always been an aficionado of classic typography.

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What To Expect From the Steve Jobs Keynote at the Apple “Special Event”

There’s a good reason that “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is one of the best-selling and most influential books of the past half-century. People like to know whats coming. No surprises, please. It’s a human instinct to fear the unknown, or at least be mighty uncomfortable not knowing. Lucky for you, much of what can be expected from the ...

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Stewie Jobs Announces iPhone 5

In a surprise keynote held at Apple’s Quahog division headquarters, Stewie Jobs announced the new iPhone 5. Stewie spent most of the keynote highlighting the device’s newest features which promise to kill Lois in ways before thought unimaginable. Slaughtering your family in the name of world domination? There’s an app for that. At least, there is now. Link

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Scandal!: “Steve Knew” Tune In Tommorow For Apple’s Tell-All Presser

Scandal. Outrage. Schadenfreude. All words easily used to describe Apple’s little iPhone 4 situation. Rumors today suggested that Steve Jobs was well aware of the iPhone 4’s reception issues, possibly as early as last year in the very early design stages of the device’s development, thanks to a heady antennae expert by the name of Ruben Caballero. A “carrier partner” ...

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