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Who Has The Best Beard In Silicon Valley?

Beards are the “in” fashion statement for the elite members of Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs has his scruffy and sparse facial hair, Steve Wozniak’s face features a fuller version and Fortune Magazine’s choice for Best Beard, Stewart Butterfield from Flickr, features a closely cropped, clean beard. After holding their own internal competition, Fortune.com is asking one question: “Who has the ...

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Macworld: Apple Keynote Speech

9:06- There is constant alternative pop music playing. Gnarls Barkley, Beck, Gorillaz, Sheryl Crow. The usual. 9:07- Booming voice, this baby is starting… or just telling us that we should turn off our cellphones. 9:10- No luck with wireless network signal. 9:13- I Feel Good by James Brown. It’s possible someone will have a seizure from all of these flashes. ...

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