Who Has The Best Beard In Silicon Valley?


Beards are the “in” fashion statement for the elite members of Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs has his scruffy and sparse facial hair, Steve Wozniak’s face features a fuller version and Fortune Magazine’s choice for Best Beard, Stewart Butterfield from Flickr, features a closely cropped, clean beard.

After holding their own internal competition, Fortune.com is asking one question: “Who has the best beard in Silicon Valley?” And frankly, we here at Gearfuse became pretty curious too.

The competition over at Fortune.com is now down to four contenders. Steve Jobs of Apple fame, Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia, Edwin Catmull of Pixar, or Larry Ellison from Oracle? If it were up to me, Catmull would so win for his beard just because it makes him look like a lumberjack crossed with a mine worker. Steve Jobs wins for beard innovation and a decent amount of scruff.

Who do you think has the best beard of the bunch?


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