White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring 2011, No… Early 2012, …Ah Wait, Let’s Just Cancel The Whole Thing

The internet just can’t seem to make up its mind about the availability of the iPhone 4. First Reuters reported that the mysterious device would be delayed until Spring 2011. Then Apple sort of kind of confirmed the 2011 delay, though that’s only according to reports. And then there were rumors about early 2012. Remember when it was supposed to be in July 2010 in limited quantities? I sure do. And now I hear the device’s release might be canceled all together. And this is all in the span of 12 hours. I mean, come on Internet, get your shit together.

BGR (usually very reliable) received a tip that another delay would be announced in March, and that the whole project would be scrapped and hopefully forgotten by the time iPhone 5 is unveiled. Wishful thinking on Apple’s part. These sort of things never go away. Not anymore. The cause for the massive delays? Apparently manufacturing issues have caused problems with the actual coloring. The Asian manufacturers just can’t seem to produce the shade of white that Steve Jobs is looking for. Hence, this is when perfectionism becomes a downfall. But hey, Apple has a reputation to uphold.

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  1. OH, bad news for white iphone fans! Especially the one who are waiting for it! What’s up with Apple’s white iPhone???
    Well, White is a traditional color for Apple products, and the white one is really cool and lovely, but I think the black also tempting too, even looks a little mystical, so I got it. It is fantastic too…
    The iP4’s picture definition …I’m speachless….personally I really like the grouping of apps much tidier than before and the camera zoom. And as the iPhone 4 high-definition video clips, watch video on IPhone 4 are so cool and amazing! and I have download the iPhone 4 Video Converter from iFunia, Im suck in enjoying my favourite movies on the go!

    hmm, maybe I will also get the white one then this one give to my son!

  2. Have a friend who went to an non-apple repair center who had white iphone replacement cases sent out by Apple for repair replacements. Had his black front plate replaced with the white one.

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