Apple to Give Every iPhone 4 Owner a Free Case or a Complete Refund, Plus White iPhone and Proximity Sensor Updates

Right from the horse’s mouth. Steve Jobs announced at the iPhone 4 press conference that Apple will be giving all iPhone 4 users a free case for your phone. But since they can’t make enough Bumpers to fill the demand, Apple will allows users to pick their own cases which Apple will source.

If users still aren’t happy they are allowed to return their undamaged iPhone 4 for a complete refund.

During the press conference, Steve Jobs really focused on the hard data, which seemed to prove that the whole “death grip” or “Antennaegate” has been blown completely out of proportion. The iPhone 4’s call drop rate is negligibly higher than that of the 3GS, but we’re talking less than one more dropped calls per 100 users. So, considering the data, I think this is more than a fair solution.

Also: White iPhone 4 will ship at the end of July in limited quantities. An upcoming software update will fix the proximity sensor issue.

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