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The Bible: Now in MMO Form

The bestselling book of all-time is finally getting a quality game adaptation to go along. The best-selling novel, The Bible, tells the story of an omnipresent creator named God and his mystical Caucasian son, Jesus of Nazareth, whom grows up in the Middle East around the turn of the 1st century A.D. The Bible Online tells the story through the ...

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WWJP: What Would Jesus Play?

Amen. Photographed outside of a cathedral in Berlin, Germany by Flickr user Ben Scicluna. Not only was Jesus assembled for your sins, he was assembled for your pleasures as well. Link [via]

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Pope Endorses Use of Blogging by Priests, Amen

Pope Benedict XVI is hip. He’s with it. He knows that blogging is becoming a religion, or perhaps a cult, all its own. In fact, he’s so digitally connected that he recently endorsed, no no, ENCOURAGED the use of blogging by the clergy for spreading the word of God. That should attract all of those damn Gen Y whipper-snappers. I’ve ...

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Zombie Last Supper

Believe it or not, this is only the second most terrifying Last Supper ever. That’s right, an image of zombies gnawing on Jesus is the runner up. What the hell has the world come to? Also on the menu was cupcakes and shots. Sounds like a party! Link

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