Because It’s Friday: A Man Dressed as a Dog Singing Christian Songs to Children

Well, howl-le-lu-ya! While I understand what singer/songwriter Jim Steager is “trying” to do, the whole dog face paint thing is way too creepy for me. It almost would have been better if it was more of a cutesy type of face paint design rather than such a realistic human-canine combination. The face he makes at about the 36 second mark makes me want to run away screaming in horror. Seriously, if I ever encountered this guy in a dark alley, I’d most likely soil myself.

Not to mention, the whole theme of the song is flawed. It’s basically about a dog singing his devotion to Jesus and spreading the word to his owners. But if dogs are so religious, why do they try and hump everything that moves and shit all over my carpet? And I bet if I gave my dog the choice between the Bible and a bone, she’d be all over that raw hide like white on rice.

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