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Anatomical Adam and Eve Skateboard

Just as Eve was tempted into eating from the tree of knowledge, I too am being tempted to commission myself a set of these skateboards if they ever see the light of day. Designed by ProcessRecess, and commissioned by Giant Robot, the Exit Eden skateboard symbolizes the rise of science and the inspection of religion through the sharp eyes of ...

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Ancient Vampire Killing Kit Sells Big

This is some cool shit right here. A real vampire-killing kit from the 1800s has sold at auction for $15,000. It includes all the good stuff, including a Bible, holy water, cross, silver bullets, gun, candles, knives, garlic and of course, wooden stakes. Some call it a waste of money. I call it being prepared. Richter Belmont would approve, I’m ...

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Where The Hobo Religous Fanatic Hides His Booze

If you live in a major city, you know about the crazy homeless religious fanatics which turn up every so often at a major street corner, clutching a Bible to their chest and preaching about the upcoming apocalypse and how we’re all going to burn in hell. Meanwhile, Pastor Hobo over here is chugging booze through out his whole sermon. ...

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Would Jesus Play With Lego’s?

We know from the Bible that Jesus was a carpenter, but we don’t now what he would think of this Holy Lego collection. The guys over at Brick Testament put together a project which portrays scenes from the Bible made with Lego’s. Genesis, Exodus, the Garden of Eden, stonings, wrath, plagues, they’re all included. The project was made using over ...

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Holy Crap! It’s A Holy Robot!

Pope Benedict better watch where he places his pope hat or the Kuka robot might just steal his place. Kuka is a robot programed to rewrite the entire Martin Luther bible in a beautiful calligraphy style font. You can gauge how massive this robot is by checking out its size compared to the pen its holding. I guarantee you if ...

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