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Incredibly Creepy Abandoned Building Photographs

Abandoned Clinic for Neurosurgery in Germany by Flickr User Jambommes

There is something awe inspiring about abandoned building photographs - they get the mind racing and always leave a question of life after death. Take a look at these impressive pictures from photographer Jan Bommes. Click each picture to be taken to the photographer's blog for more images.

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Finnish Gentleman Shows Off His Impressive VCR Collection

This impressively geeky guy, who could either be a Finnish gentleman or Moe from The Three Stooges, I haven’t quite decided yet, shows off his impressive VCR collection in this video, which has a play time long enough to rank well into the scale of creepy. Featuring an over-abundance of awful green screen effects and background music from the soundtrack ...

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Because It’s Friday: A Couch That Looks Like a Giant Cat

It’s about that time again. Our favorite day of the week besides Caturday. In honer of this very special Friday, which happens to land on the 13th, we thought we might share an extra special superstitious piece of Friday goodness. Behold, the Giant Cat Couch, which may or may not be a spooky Giant BLACK Cat Couch.� I don’t know. ...

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Telenoid R1 Robot: Part Amputee, Part Hutt, All Creepy

With the tail of Jabba and the arms of a Somalian land mine victim, the Telenoid R1 Robot is surprisingly not the most terrifying robot we’ve ever seen. Not by a long shot. But it certainly does rank high on the Gearfuse Scale of Creepiness (patent pending). This teleoperated communication bot was designed to add a does of realism to ...

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The Creepiest Shower Curtain Ever

We’ve dealt with shower curtains featuring knife-wielding maniacs and an awkwardly staring Robert Pattinson, so for us to label a particular shower curtain as the creepiest one of its kind, that’s quite a feat. This curtain in particular features the silhouette of a mysterious shadow man, creating the illusion that someone awaits your arrival in the shower. Grab your own ...

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Creepy Talking Robot Mouth Needs More Mustache

I’m not sure if you can actually call this “talking,” per se, but the oral movements of this robot are more akin to the actual movements of human oral muscles then I’ve seen in other robotic works. It’s certainly worthy of an uncanny feeling. Even if it does sound like one of the bots female attendance got a little bit ...

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Hello Kitty Wine Doesn’t Quite Set The Right Mood

Unless your trying to pull a Jacko, I don’t know how well Hello Kitty Wine will set the mood for a romantic night in. I know if someone whipped out a bottle of this I’d probably laugh and then run-away in fear of my virgin anus’s innocence. Because everyone knows, if they’re desperate enough to buy Hello Kitty Wine, they’re ...

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