Finnish Gentleman Shows Off His Impressive VCR Collection

This impressively geeky guy, who could either be a Finnish gentleman or Moe from The Three Stooges, I haven’t quite decided yet, shows off his impressive VCR collection in this video, which has a play time long enough to rank well into the scale of creepy.

Featuring an over-abundance of awful green screen effects and background music from the soundtrack of The Exorcist (which oddly fits), this is one video you won’t soon forget, no matter how hard you try or how severely you beat yourself in the head with a hammer. Oh and don’t worry, there is plenty of YouTube user Markorepairs to go around. He has well over 900 videos uploaded.

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  1. Uncle Lou's New Shoes

    And the award for creepiest human alive goes to …. THAT GUY!!
    Having all of those VCR players is basically the tech version of Ed Gein’s house :/

    Don’t get me started on the soundtrack – Terminator theme, Tubular Bells, Police Academy theme & Mission:Impossible…. that’s as far as I got before I wanted to pull my own eyes out 🙂

  2. Tell me about it Uncle Lou, I still haven’t slept since I’ve seen it.

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