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Finnish Gentleman Shows Off His Impressive VCR Collection

This impressively geeky guy, who could either be a Finnish gentleman or Moe from The Three Stooges, I haven’t quite decided yet, shows off his impressive VCR collection in this video, which has a play time long enough to rank well into the scale of creepy. Featuring an over-abundance of awful green screen effects and background music from the soundtrack ...

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VHS Tape iPhone Case

If you’re a little embarrassed to be lugging around a brand new iPhone, even though all of your other gear is vintage-core, this VHS Tape iPhone Case will help disguise your device as a piece of retro tech history. The real painful part is going to be transferring all of your contacts to DVD once you wise up to the ...

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Video Tape USB Hub: Don’t Record Over It

When I was, like, 12 I stumbled across my father’s treasure trove of recorded pornography. This was before the time of the DVD, so everything was on VHS. When I would sneak downstairs in the middle of the night to catch a peek, I had to be super careful because VCRs made a hell of a lot of noise. The ...

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