Video Tape USB Hub: Don’t Record Over It


When I was, like, 12 I stumbled across my father’s treasure trove of recorded pornography. This was before the time of the DVD, so everything was on VHS. When I would sneak downstairs in the middle of the night to catch a peek, I had to be super careful because VCRs made a hell of a lot of noise. The Video Tape USB Hub is a nostalgic reminder of those times of pornography sneaking in the retro age.

Luckily for you kids these days, all you have to do to load up on porn is have a few USB memory sticks and your good to go. But who is technology to say we should take away the coming of age video tape find? To make your own you’ll probably need to make a stop at your local electronic parts store for some supplies, but after that, you’re home free to create your very own Video Tape Hub.


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