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Jail-made Cross Knife: Shank a Punk and Be Saved All In One

A German prisoner had a score to settle, but he realized there was no way to hide a weapon unless he could devise some sort of evil plan. So, with little other option, the German criminal created a hallowed-out wooden cross with an attached shiv. Though the plan seemed fool-proof, the German prisoner must have been a world-class fool. His ...

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Anatomical Adam and Eve Skateboard

Just as Eve was tempted into eating from the tree of knowledge, I too am being tempted to commission myself a set of these skateboards if they ever see the light of day. Designed by ProcessRecess, and commissioned by Giant Robot, the Exit Eden skateboard symbolizes the rise of science and the inspection of religion through the sharp eyes of ...

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LEGO Jesus Was Assembled For Your Sins

Yo, JC, we’re cool, right? I mean, I know, I was born Jewish. And while I’m not a practicing Jew, per se, you won’t strike me down for spreading the word about this LEGO image of yourself, right? Just wanted to get that out of the way. As a geeky God fearing people, we believe the only way to truly ...

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Chik-Fil-A Offering Decent Kids Toys For Once

Chik-fil-a. Let’s see. I think it was my second job when I was 14. Terrible experience if I recall, but the free food was a plus. Unfortunately, the kids toys always sucked. Since Chik-fil-a is a bible-thumping restaurant chain (never open on Sundays!), most of the crap children got in their Kids Meal was religious-based propaganda or a crappy book. ...

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