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360 Degree Camera Prototype By Olympus

Olympus Japan today announced the development of the worlds first 360 degree lens and camera prototype. With a vertical coverage of 180 degrees this camera is a boon to surveillance systems everywhere.� This camera won’t miss a thing as it can cover every possible angle so long as the room isn’t too asymmetrical. No word from Olympus if the prototype ...

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GE breaking into the digital camera market

General Electric announced its new venture into the digital camera market through a fleet of releases through General Imaging, a small manufacturer created by the former president of Olympus. GE will be producing a series of branded cameras, all with red eye removal and image stabilization, including a high end model called X-1 which will feature an 8 MP sensor, ...

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Olympus P-1 DSLR teaser photos

Although not yet formally announced, the follow up to the Olympus E-1 is being codenamed P-1. Teasing us as they always do, here is some photos of the upcoming Olympus release. This thing looks solid as a rock and all of the knobs and buttons lead us to believe a feature full DSLR on the rise. The LCD screen can ...

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The most extreme camera test in the world: how tough are “tough” cameras?

When we talk about reviewing cameras, most people will think about the image quality, user interface, external design and so on. When those outdoor anti-drop anti-dust anti-splash cameras get reviewed, nobody seems to have the guts to actually test if the camera can really withstand what it claims it can. Chinese site PConline has tested the Olympus [mju:] 770 SW ...

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Olympus E-400 DSLR shows us what small means

Why must Olympus flaunt the size of the E-400 in our faces, teasing us with the tantalizing vision of a functional and very mini DSLR? Compared to the rather obese E-500, this camera is a mini-machine of madness and mayhem (add your word starting with “m” here). With an increased resolution from the E-500, and the amazingly geeky and useful ...

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