Olympus E-400 DSLR shows us what small means

olympus e-400 dslr

Why must Olympus flaunt the size of the E-400 in our faces, teasing us with the tantalizing vision of a functional and very mini DSLR? Compared to the rather obese E-500, this camera is a mini-machine of madness and mayhem (add your word starting with “m” here). With an increased resolution from the E-500, and the amazingly geeky and useful new edition of an anti-dust system, the very first of it’s class, Olympus has now placed it’s self among the competition of bigger companies. The verdict is in from reviewers across “teh internets”, and the verdict is straight across the board: This camera is one kick-ass piece of equipment.

Critics have commented on the E-400’s excellent photo quality and it’s ease of use. The addition of an auto mode to a DSLR is sure to draw more beginner towards this camera rather then a manually operated one (damn n00bz! ROFL ROFL). The consensus says that the E-400 excels in every area a DSLR should excel at, leaving us gear heads one bad-ass edition to our camera collection. One piece of criticism offered (because no gadget can be truly perfect) is that some photography pro’s might shun the camera off for its high price tag, even though the high quality lens is said to be a good value for the price. — Andrew Dobrow

Olympus E-400 review roundup [Engadget]

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