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Netflix Profiles Windows Media Center Glitch

Windows Media Center

Remember last week when we shared with you the really awesome fact that Netflix would now be offering profiles to users to simplify multi-user accounts? Well it turns out there's a little bit of a glitch for Windows Media Center users...well not so much of a glitch as a complete fail...

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The Arrival Of Netflix User Profiles!


Netflix has finally instituted user profiles! The new user profile system allows for multiple watchers in the same household to have their own viewer profile so that recommendations made for your viewing are based on YOUR watching habits. That means that even if you share a Netflix account with your roommate, your recommendations are not going to be based on their past viewing habits.

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When Landing Gear Collapses…


Whether you work in computers or aviation, the importance of "smaller technological components" actually doing their job successfully is evident. If the heatsink on your laptop fails however, it's a little less dramatic than the landing gear on a Southwest 737 failing. The point is though, that the little components are just as crucial - if not more so - than the bigger ones. Now, take a look at this video of the landing gear failure on a Boeing 737 that happened just yesterday and remember, your job might suck but at least your boss can't pin this one on you!

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When Technology Doesn’t Cooperate…

Pen Is Broken

Sometimes it is fairly clear that technology has it in for us. We're not necessarily talking about Terminator action here, but there are days when it's pretty obvious that the office printer has made it it's daily objective to explode every time we walk by. Don't worry though, you're not the only one who has days like this...

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6 Animals that Make Really BAD Pets


More often than they should, people make news headlines for having made really idiotic choices for pets. We think it's pretty obvious that certain animals don't make good pets...but what do we know.

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